There is a common myth that houses do not sell in the winter. However, the wintertime is a great time to show homes for possible buyers because there is usually less on the market in the cold months. There are many tips and tricks you can incorporate when staging a home in the wintertime to make it inviting for possible buyers. While you cannot control what is happening to the weather, you can control how you stage the inside and outside of the house to impress viewers.

Clean up the Exterior

When a potential home buyer pulls up to a house, the exterior is their first impression. You cannot show off flowers or green grass in the wintertime, but there are still things you can do to wow buyers. Keep branches trimmed, leaves swept, and clear the snow away. Sometimes ensuring there is no ice on the pathway can make or break a deal because the buyer will remember almost slipping at the house, which can deter them from putting down a deposit. Place a mat outside the door to catch dirt or snow from shoes, and for extra protection, put one inside the door as well. You can also add weather-safe decor outside, like lanterns or a pinecone wreath.

Warm up the Interior

Creating a warm environment inside the home is the recommended way to stage a home in the wintertime. Not only should you keep the space at a comfortable temperature, but there are other tactics to utilize. When homes sit unused during the wintertime, weird smells sometimes form. Add warm scented aromas like cinnamon or vanilla to welcome people in, but make sure the scents are not artificial because that can turn people away. The world has less sunlight in the winter months, so do not underestimate the power of lights while staging a home. Make sure every room is well-lit and welcoming. Throwing blankets and accent pillows on furniture can create a warm feeling in the house by being inviting on cold days.

There are many ways you can stage a home to land a sale in the winter. If you are selling a home this winter, contact us, and we will help you stage your home to be inviting and warm inside and out. Houses do sell in the winter, so make sure you create an atmosphere that allows you to do so even if it’s below freezing.