In the age of name brands, it can be difficult to find ways to differentiate and personalize your home’s interior. One of the simplest ways to do this is to utilize reclaimed wood in the room or home décor design.

Reclaimed wood encompasses both repurposed and found wood. Repurposed wood might be salvaged from an old building, then reassembled into a bookshelf or table.

Found wood is much the same but is displayed as is, showcasing its unique properties as an interesting decorative element. Whichever sparks your inspiration, reclaimed wood may be the element you’re looking for to set your next home improvement project apart from all the rest.

Trend Analysis: Reclaimed Wood

It’s easy to see why the trend of reclaimed wood has grown in popularity. Because reclaimed wood is salvaged and repurposed, no two pieces are the same. Comments about a reclaimed wood piece will rarely end in simple praise and often transition into questions about the piece’s origin and history. Did the homeowner or designer create it themselves? Perhaps it was found in a quaint boutique off the beaten path, or salvaged from a nearby forest.

Reclaimed wood isn’t just a conversation piece, however. In recent years especially, there’s been an increase in using natural elements within interior design and renovation. Stone, organic textiles, potted plants, reclaimed wood—when the indoors get stuffy, bringing nature inside can open up the space and make spending time there much more appealing.

Ideas for Using Reclaimed Wood

Interior design ideas for repurposing wood are vast and limited only by the resourcefulness of the designer. For large amounts of reclaimed wood, making a focal furniture piece, such as a large bookcase, dining table, or office desk can be a wonderful way to incorporate the salvaged wood into the interior home design. For a renovation project, a reclaimed wood backsplash or headboard will give your kitchen or bedroom a rustic, natural feel.

If you have less salvaged wood, consider making a smaller piece, such as a shelf, mirror, planter, wall organizer, or pair of bookends. Even a single board or the scraps from past projects can be used to create a unique table centerpiece or rustic wall hanging. Use several of these smaller pieces throughout one room to create a cohesive and well-flowing design.

How you utilize reclaimed wood will differ greatly depending upon where your wood is sourced from. Finding an old barn or factory that’s selling their wood allows for far more reclaimed material than the piece of petrified driftwood found on a trip to the shore. However, with ingenuity, any amount of reclaimed wood can be repurposed to accent your space.

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