Having good lighting in your home can improve not only your selfie-taking game but also your overall mood. Creating a warm and welcoming environment is optimal when thinking of where to put lighting. Gloomy and unlit spaces will make the room feel more cramped and less inviting. However, one crucial thing to consider when picking out the lighting in your home is the size of the space. Lighting needs will change based on the size of the room. Follow this guide on how to add sufficient lighting to small or big spaces.

Small Spaces: Utilize the Structures

Decorating and lighting up a small room is often tricky because you never want things to look too cluttered. Luckily, all spaces in your place will have one thing in common a ceiling. Install a small and chic ceiling light to brighten up the room. You can even add your style to it. If you are more of a modern home design fan, a simple black hanging light will do. If bohemian is more your style, a hanging lantern made out of weave or rattan could fit more perfectly in your space.

You can even use your walls a resource by adding a sconce. Wall lighting fixtures are a great way to add dimension and layers to the lighting in your home. Not only will adding a sconce into your space add to the overall lighting, but it will declutter your side tables so you can add more statement pieces on them. If you live in an area that you cannot re-wire in to add a sconce, you can always get a remote-controlled fixture that turns on with a remote.

Big Spaces: Take Advantage of Several Lighting Fixtures

When decorating a large space, never try to light the room with just one large lighting fixture. Having only one light creates odd shadows throughout the area and lights the room unevenly. Instead of using one large light, try utilizing multiple fixtures throughout. Overhead lights, lamps, and even a chic string light can bring a space together. Of course, every room will call for different kinds of lighting depending on style, but a professional interior designer can always help you find what works for your space. 

Do not forget about the corners of the space when adding light fixtures. When an area is left in the dark, it generally makes the room feel smaller.  Lighting in corners easily makes up for this issue, whether it is a ceiling light or a lamp. Utilizing corner lighting is one little trick that you should always use to make the space look the size it actually is.

Overall, when placing lighting throughout a large or small space, make sure the lighting is useful for you. Do not forget to take advantage of the sources you have available to you. Utilize several lighting sources to brighten up a room and make it feel more inviting, but do so in a way that will benefit you.