In the world of interior design, there’s no easier way to remake a space than by changing the paint. Paint can warm a room up or cool it down. It can welcome guests inside or identify it as a private space. Paint colors can even affect your mood.

While choosing interior paint colors might seem simple, the choice is often anything but, especially when seemingly similar shades of the same color can yield drastically different results. Your choice of paint should also reflect the purpose of the room and work with the current furnishings. Needless to say, choosing a paint color yourself can be a daunting task.

The Benefits of Hiring a Paint Color Consultant

Paint color consultants are available to solve this very dilemma, among others that may arise during the color selection process. Paint color consultants have a thorough understanding of the effect colors have on spaces, the subtle variations between colors shades, and how colors interact with each other, making them the perfect partners for choosing your next paint color.

Utilization of Different Color Sources

Your walls aren’t the only source of color in the room. From furniture, paintings, decorations, rugs, and more, plenty of other colors populate our rooms besides the paint on the walls. Paint color consultants consider the full palette of colors when making their recommendations, ensuring the colors complement each other and create the desired effect for the space.

Understanding of Color Psychology

Every color has a different effect on our mind. For example, red increases energy levels, while blue promotes calm feelings. Paint color consultants understand these emotional correlations between colors and our psyche, and they work with homeowners to choose the perfect palette to set the mood for the space.

While paint color consultants are aware of current trends, their objective help you find the color that’s most appropriate for the space. Paint color consultants also understand how various shades of colors will react in different lighting environments. Depending upon the amount, direction, and type of light present within a space, this can help you decide whether to go with a lighter or darker shade.

Why Get a Paint Color Consultation?

Hiring a color consultant is a great way to ensure you can achieve the perfect feel for your space on the first try, saving yourself the headache of repainting. Schedule your paint color consultation with the experts at Minnesota Home Interiors. With experienced recommendations, we’ll help you pick the winning color for your next remodel.