Winter can be a great time to put your home on the market. It’s true that spring is the busiest time for the real estate industry, but if a potential buyer is searching in winter, it’s likely they’ve got serious intent to buy. Plus, with fewer homes up for sale, your house won’t have all that extra competition, and holiday bonuses may mean your potential buyers may have a larger budget.

However, before all that, you need to get your home ready for showings. The benefits of home staging are undeniable, and when it comes to staging in winter, there are a few extra considerations that need to be taken into account.

Don’t Neglect the Exterior

First impressions are important, and your potential buyers see the outside of your home before ever stepping foot inside. Before they arrive, ensure the driveways and sidewalks are shoveled, and take care of any icy patches. Not only is it a matter of safety, but a clean, clear driveway will also boost your curb appeal.

Speaking of curb appeal—there’s not much you can do in terms of landscaping during the Minnesota winter beyond trimming away the dead branches. Add curb appeal in other ways:

  • Refresh your front door with a new coat of paint
  • Add simple seasonal decorations, like garland along the front porch railing
  • Hang up a seed feeder to attract some colorful birds

Minimize Holiday Décor

When staging your home, depersonalization is the key. Removing personal items and photos means your home will be able to appeal to the masses, not just to the people who share your interior decorating style. It also allows potential buyers to better imagine the space as their own, which is the key to selling.

So, while your inflatable lawn snowman may be your favorite holiday decoration, it’s best to keep the holiday décor to a minimum, both inside the house and out. That’s not to say all the winter decorations need to go, but a good rule is to decorate for the season, not the holidays—think evergreen boughs and pinecones rather than Santas and reindeer.

Avoid green and red decorations if they’ll clash with your home’s color palette; opt for silver and gold instead. Keep your chosen pieces tasteful and elegant, and avoid overly religious décor, like angels or nativity scenes.

Don’t Overdo the Seasonal Scents

During the winter, you want to cultivate a cozy atmosphere with your home staging and choosing the smell that greets your potential buyers is part of that. For winter and fall, scents like cinnamon, basil, pine, and cedar tend to be great choices.

However, make sure you’re not overwhelming your guests. Choose one scent and incorporate it subtly with a spritz of room spray or some scented pinecones. If you’re hoping to call attention to your fireplace feature, do so with eye-catching decorations, not by lighting a fire. The smoky smell can be overwhelming or even trigger allergies for your guests. Likewise, use unscented candles or ones with artificial flames.

It can be difficult to take an objective view when preparing your home for sale, but the way you stage can have a direct effect on your selling success. If you’re looking for a professional opinion on your home staging, Minnesota Home Interiors can help. As proud members of the Real Estate Staging Association, we’ve been helping Minnesota homeowners stage their houses for sale since 2018. Learn more about our home staging services, or get in touch to schedule a consultation.