Interior design trends can be complicated to keep track of. If what’s in today becomes antiquated tomorrow, how should homeowners proceed with picking out their interior home paint colors?

Design Trends for 2022

So far, interior design trends for 2022 are expected to focus on returning to nature. We’re seeing very tones that evoke the hues of the natural world, like green, gray, and blue.

Minimalism has been at forefront of design for several years and continues to be a popular method of design. Utilizing a natural tone as the room’s focal point is a great way to make the space seem more authentic and welcoming.

Interior Design Trends

However, because minimalism has been the modern design style of the past several years, we are starting to see the rise of different design trends, such as grandmillenial décor. With its notes of Victorian design inspiration, grandmillenial décor features old pieces in modern ways, bringing modern design back to its roots. Because the color pallet has changed since the era when Victorian décor was the norm, homeowners and interior designers now have a wider breadth of color to choose from to complement their antique pieces. This allows the pieces to be showcased in new ways or employed as accent pieces when they were the focal piece before.

Interior Home Paint Colors

In 2022, many homeowners are bringing green back into their spaces. Not only is green a way to bring the natural into your indoor spaces, but utilizing green can also be a great way to create a calming space. As a natural color, it can also have the benefit of appealing to the spring design trends of vibrant rebirth.

Of course, the specific color and shade used depends upon the room you’re using it in. Knowing how you want the space to feel is the best way to obtain the desired effect. Do you want your home office to be a relaxing escape or an invigorating experience? Both are attainable, but achieving both is not, which is why it is critical that homeowners have concrete expectations for their spaces.

Creating the perfect atmosphere and choosing the perfect color can be difficult. Luckily, Minnesota Home Interiors is available to assist in the design of your interior spaces, color selection, and even with the painting process itself.