Over the last few years, interior designers have seen a resurgence of wallpaper. It’s a trend that has some homeowners excited and dreaming of change, while others remember gaudy patterns of the ’80s and are hesitant to give it a try. Check out a few of our tips for choosing the right wallpaper for your home. 

More Adaptability

Some of the worry surrounding wallpaper used to surround the idea that it was difficult to apply and remove. Homeowners would worry that they would put it up and decide that they didn’t like it, or that it would become dated or out of fashion within a few years. While some do still have this worry, removable wallpaper has been a lifesaver for trendy renters and indecisive homeowners. 

Wall Art Intensified

Wallpaper can truly be an art form. It can be used to make a bold statement in a room. The size of the pattern is important when choosing your wallpaper. An article for  Vogue.com explains how smaller spaces should utilize smaller patterns so that the design doesn’t feel too busy or annoying. “For large spaces, wallpaper will make a bold statement with large patterns,” says graphic designer turned interior designer Marissa Zajack. 

The article goes on to say that the accent wall style–especially in regards to wallpaper–is definitely out. wallpaper is meant to make a statement, and that statement is made throughout the room. 

Trends of the Past and Present Reinvented

Who could have predicted that chintz would make a comeback? We’ve seen floral patterns and greenery become common features of wallpaper, but classic damask and chintz have found ways to influence the present as well. 

Besides the living rooms of your grandparents seeing a new renaissance, modern trends are being applied to wallpaper patterns and design elements as well.

  • Maximalism: bold contrasts that show more is more. 
  • Florals and greens: an array of color schemes can complement vintage, retro, or contemporary looks
  • New Chintz: sophistication and style meet color and pattern, hinting at Victorian and Edwardian styles
  • Bold color palettes: wallpaper has helped designers embrace the idea of combining color palettes and patterns
  • Geometric graphics: simplified structure and design reflect comfort and routine
  • Dark, dramatic colors: paired with well-placed lighting, deep greens, dark navy blue, and even black wallpaper features are making a strong statement. 

Talk to the Experts

Making big changes that redesign a space is exciting and challenging for interior designers. Up until the last few years, homeowners have disregarded wallpaper as a dated material and home trend faux pas. Now, wallpaper is making a comeback in a big way. 

Perhaps the biggest mistake one can make in regards to wallpaper is to DIY. Even removable wallpaper is tricky to hang in the best scenarios. Add in complicated patterns and working with a new medium, and you might end up paying much more for additional rolls or damage your walls. For the best results, consult an expert for design consultation and installation.