In 2019, Marie Kondo took the world by storm with her tidying up methods that no doubt furthered the minimalist interior design trend. There can be benefits to owning less, like having more opportunities to pursue what is important to you, and being more intentional in your purchases. However, the minimalist trend can have pros and cons, just like everything else.

Benefits of Minimalist Decor

When adopting a minimalist lifestyle, it becomes a lot easier to say no to unnecessary purchases in your life. Buying fewer items is also better for the environment, so by not purchasing that seven dollar fake cactus plant, you could be helping others in the long run. Not only are you helping the environment, but you’ll have fewer items to clean and have plenty of open space.

Many minimalist lovers also find it easier to move to a different space because you don’t have to move as many items. It is also easier to repair the items you have. When adopting a minimalist decor style, you can also find solace in knowing that the things you do have were good investments that are structurally sound.

Drawbacks of Minimalist Trends

If you already have a lot of items in your home, it can be hard to let go. Getting rid of your stuff can be mentally and physically draining because you’ll have to go through everything to see if it is right for you. Let’s face it; it can be challenging to let go of a gift someone gave you years ago that you never even liked. We just feel guilty because we didn’t purchase it.

Minimalism makes it harder for you to show off your personal style within your home. Many people use their house decor to reflect their style choices. It is still possible to have fun with a minimalist style home, but it does not allow for as many stylish and trendy decor options that a non-minimalist home may have.

Taking the Marie Kondo approach to your life does not always have to result in minimalism. However, if you do tidy up your space and want to rearrange, contact us today. At MN Home Interiors, we specialize in all the latest trends in interior decorating, including minimalism.