Have you ever walked into a room where the atmosphere just felt off, and you could not quite put your finger on why? Sometimes if the floor and wall colors of a space do not mix well with each other, it is not overly noticeable. However, it can ruin the room’s aesthetic and make it difficult to get the room’s decor and aesthetic just right. If you are redoing your floors or repainting your walls, you should consider these tips on matching the perfect paint color to the flooring.

Paint it Neutral

When picking out a wall color, the best route to go is almost always neutral. Not only are neutral tones an excellent backdrop for artwork, furniture, or mirrors, but they also pair easily with flooring options. Common choices for neutrals include gray, taupe, white, or cream, but some people go for subtle greens, yellows, or blues. The lighter the color, the easier it is to pair with flooring options. If your floors have a cool tone, pair it with cooler toned paint and if it is warmer, use warm-toned paint. Painting your space a neutral color is always a safe bet because regardless of the flooring or decor, it will always look timeless.

Utilize Pairing Methods

It can be challenging to figure out what paint color works best with various floor finishes. One method that people use when trying to pair colors together is finding its complementary color wheel match. Complementary colors are directly across from each other on the color wheel and complement each other well. You can also test samples of floor panels and wall paint together before committing to a whole renovation. However, sometimes we get overwhelmed if we look at too many samples and never pick which option works best for us. So, try to choose a few at a time to ensure you can make the right choice.

Many painting specialists also have recommended pairings for floor finishes and paint colors. When trying to decide what color works best for your home, you can utilize their tips. For example, a dark hardwood finish, it is recommended to use colors like neutral, light blue, subtle green, gray, or greige. When you go to the store you are purchasing your supplies at, ask them if they have a guide to pick out what colors go best with which. This way, you have a professional’s opinion with options you can choose from to best match your style.

Sometimes picking out a new wall and floor color can be a painstaking process. We overthink because it is a commitment to change up our current style. However, by sticking with neutrals and utilizing pairing methods, you are certain to find the pair that matches your aesthetic. If you need further advice on how to pair floor and wall colors, contact us today.