Plenty of people dream of a perfectly organized, spacious closet that fits their clothes, shoes, and accessories with room to spare. Unless you’ve built a full walk-in closet in your home, structuring your closet space will help you maximize your space and find clothes easily.

Don’t worry—if you’re chasing that Pinterest-worthy closet, there are several ways you can make the most of your closet’s space and cut down on clutter.

Improve Your Life with Closet Organization

No one likes waking up to a mess, whether it’s a spill that wasn’t cleaned the night before or dirty laundry on the floor. De-stress your daily routine by thoroughly organizing your closet.

A neat closet makes it much easier to select your outfit for the day. It can be as simple as ensuring clothes are folded or hung (to avoid wrinkles) or using clothes dividers to keep clothes organized and separated by clothing type.

Keeping a well-organized closet may even help improve your selling price. A Braun Research study reports that 97% of surveyed realtors believe homeowners find closet space more important than basement or attic space.

Maximizing Your Closet Space


The first step to improving your use of closet space is to declutter and get rid of old pieces:

  • Empty your closet
  • Deep clean the inside of your closet while it’s empty—dust, vacuum, etc.
  • Go through your clothes, shoes, and accessories and sort them into categories: “keep,” “donate,” and “throw away”

If you’re having trouble deciding whether to keep or toss a particular article, ask yourself these questions.

  • Does the piece fit correctly?
  • Is the piece damaged or stained? If yes, will you actually get it repaired or cleaned?
  • Do you wear the piece? How often?
  • Do you have multiples of the same piece?
  • Does the piece still match your style?
  • Do you like wearing the piece? How does it make you feel?


After you’ve decluttered and cleaned your closet, consider what organizational features you want to add and how you want to sort your clothing. Before you invest in any storage solutions, take your closet’s measurements. Especially if you’re particularly short on space, making a visual plan for your closet can also help you maximize your closet’s storage.

Try these tips to keep your closet clean and organized:

  • Install hooks or racks to hold jewelry
  • Install a light to improve visibility
  • Use hanging fabric organizers to add shelf space
  • Use a spice rack or small shelf to hold makeup and other beauty products
  • Use over-the-door shoe racks or shoe stacking bins
  • Use special hangers to store your scarves, belts, and/or ties
  • Use drawer dividers to designate “zones” for small accessories 
  • Put smaller bags or purses inside larger ones to save space

As you move your items back into your closet, reorganize by grouping similar items together—jeans folded on one shelf, skirts hung together, and so on. Put your most-worn items in the front of the closet, where they are easily accessible.

Closet Organization Hacks

Still short on space? Believe it or not, there are even more easy organization hacks to help make your closet feel spacious.

Vacuum sealing out-of-season clothes can increase your storage space. Just make sure you’re properly caring for your vacuum-sealed clothes. Near or inside your closet, add a trash can and a donation bin as a reminder to control clutter from old clothes. For a weekend DIY project, install drawers and extra shelving to upgrade your closet. 

If organization isn’t your strong suit or you’re short on time, partner with Minnesota Home Interiors, a staging and redesign company specializing in closet design. With customized storage solutions, including jewelry drawers and shoe display shelves, we can help you design and organize the closet of your dreams. Visit our blog for more articles on interior design, or contact our office today to learn more about our services.