When people decide to live as minimalists, they typically strive only to use things that serve a purpose. Over the course of the past few years, minimalism has rapidly risen in popularity. This could be because people are starting to become aware of the environmental effects of consumerism.

In terms of interior design, minimalism aims for simple, uncluttered spaces. Minimalism is explored through certain characteristics of design, like refined lines, open concept and light-filled spaces, monochromatic colors, simple details, and uncomplicated wall finishings.

How to Design a Minimalist Home

Minimalism has grown in popularity especially with younger generations, as they have shifted to only buying necessary items, possibly due to increasing eco-consciousness.

Looking to try out minimalism in your home? Try these tips.


A minimalist-designed home should be a clean, decluttered, and organized home. Go through your drawers, especially your junk drawers, and get rid of all those items that you keep for those “just in case” situations.

When going through your things, keep track of what items you need, what items you are throwing away, and what items you are donating. You can also reduce your paper clutter by switching to electronic bills.

Natural Light

A key characteristic of minimalism is natural light, which can also help reduce heating and electricity costs. Consider installing large windows, like bay windows, or explore ways to mimic natural light with design tricks.


Sustainability is an important aspect of minimalism. Thoroughly consider every item you decide to keep in your house—does it serve a purpose? Will it be sustainable and last for a good amount of time?


Arrange decorations and focal points carefully so as not to unbalance your minimalist interior design. Choose décor that creates a sense of peace or is meaningful to you.

Avoid Overwhelming Yourself

As you start decluttering, reorganizing, and cleaning, try not to get overwhelmed by doing everything at once. If you clean and declutter one room at a time, you’ll see faster results and prevent burnout.

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