Like most people, you probably switch out your wardrobe for the summer months— why not switch out your home décor as well? Mixing it up with summer palettes can brighten up your living space with fresh colors and foster a relaxing atmosphere for the warmer season. If you’re planning to sell your home this summer, switching up the color palette can help your house stand out against others on the market.

While the options are endless, there are some interior color palettes that work especially well in the summer.  

Brighten Up Your Space with Summer Interior Colors


Lavender is one of the most approachable colors for summer. Muted and easily incorporated into existing designs, mixing lavender colors with floral patterns gives your space a natural, soft feel. Lavender is also known to have a calming effect, so it’s a great option for those looking to imbue their space with a relaxing atmosphere. Lavendar pairs well with mint and other pastel colors. 


Blush works well in conjunction with other summer palettes. Using blush tones, you can make colors pop while framing them with greenery and flowering plants to invoke a true feeling of summer. Start by switching out pillows for blush tones or adding paintings with blush undertones to slowly integrate the color.


Aqua is a vibrant color that pairs well with other summerey colors. Used in conjunction with coastal tones, like coral and white, it can make any house feel like a beach home. If aqua is too intense for your liking, try a seafoam green to add a splash of color to an otherwise neutral space.  


For the perfect mix between red and pink, a salmon color palette is the way to go. Salmon tones pair well with neutrals, like white and gray, and can be used to lighten up your space. Try out a salmon rug or a salmon comforter to incorporate the color into your interior design without overdoing it.


What’s tastier than a fresh mango on a hot summer day? Get the same feel in your interior design by adding some vibrant orange to your kitchen. You can also easily switch out your shower curtain for an orange print to liven up the bathroom. Pair it with white to help the orange pop, or go bold by balancing it with other bright shades, like teal, purple, or pink. 

Fresh Neutrals 

Neutrals are an interior design favorite, especially in the real estate space. Providing a neutral base allows potential buyers to envision their own style in the home. Freshen up your neutrals for the summer by swapping beige tones with whiter hues. This brightens up the space and allows color to stand out more.  

Fun Prints 

Summer is the time to go big with prints and try something out of your comfort zone. Prints come in many different forms, including rugs, wallpapers, or dish towels. Incorporating prints can be tricky—before you commit, try it out with a patterned tapestry on the wall to see if you like the addition to your space. Tie in one color of the print throughout the rest of your home and you’ll find it fits in seamlessly.  While there are innumerable different print styles to choose from, vintage- and art deco-themed prints have recently taken the interior design world by storm.

Deep Reds  

Red may seem like a fall or winter color, but the bright hue can liven up any summer décor. Adding tomato-hued colors can evoke images of fresh, seasonal produce and blooming gardens. Red bowls, blankets, or table centerpieces can draw the eye to the areas you want to highlight in your home.  

Find Professional Interior Designers 

If you’re overwhelmed by interior design this summer, Minnesota Home Interiors can make the process easier. With home staging and consultation services, we can help ensure your home looks its best, whether you’re putting it on the market or just getting it ready for the next summer BBQ. Contact us to get started!