Homes can get hectic around the holiday season, leading plenty of people to set a New Year’s resolution to get organized. 80% of resolutions fail by February—but these tips from the experts at Minnesota Home Interiors can help you turn your resolution into a habit.

Effective Home Organization Tips

Several home organization tips are floating around on the internet, but no single solution will help you make a dent this year. Following a series of steps, you can have the best organization possible for your home.

Out With the Old

We won’t lie–this step is the most painful. If you want to get organized, the process almost always involves getting rid of the things you can do without. Tasks like cleaning your closet, clearing out drawers, and emptying your pantry will be critical to your success.

While you’re clearing out these spaces, go ahead and sort everything into three piles: keep, donate, and trash. This may seem like extra work, but once your storage space is empty, you can thoroughly clean it and brainstorm the best way to organize the items in your “keep” pile.

Invest in Clever Organizing Solutions

The best organizers make clever use of limited space. Classic storage options, like shelves, plastic bins, and drawer organizers are reliable and easy to find online. For areas with extremely limited space, you may need to use more clever solutions to organize spaces like closets and pantries.

For innovative storage solutions, browse the web or social media sites like Pinterest, Instagram, or TikTok. We’ve seen vertical wall shelves for the aspiring plant mom, rotating spice racks for easy access, and organizational bins for your fridge.

Consider other solutions like:

  • Under-the-bed storage drawers
  • Under-joist shelves for garages or basements
  • Freestanding clothes racks
  • Above-the-island pot and pan hangers
  • Rolling carts for the bathroom or living room

Organize Your Organizers

Once you’ve identified your problem areas and purchased the organizers to solve them, your work isn’t finished. Labeling your storage solutions is an easy way to take your organization game to the next level. For instance, if you have clear bins for your craft supplies, label each one so you can tell what’s inside. Even with transparent containers, it can be challenging to see everything, so break out your label maker and get printing.

Use Space Properly

Plenty of homes remain unorganized simply because they don’t make proper use of the space they have. In this department, there are two main culprits: vertical space and the division of space.

Vertical Space

Look inside your cabinets or at your walls. How much space is between your shelves and the ceiling? You’ll likely notice a lot of unused space in your home where you can store things. You can utilize these empty spaces with shelves, hanging organizers, stacking containers, or old-fashioned peg boards.

Division of Space

Just because you have a single storage area doesn’t mean you should pack it full. Consider investing in dividers that separate the space—simple solutions like drawer organizers will help keep your junk drawer from getting cluttered.

Make it Personal

Our last tip is to make your home organization ideas personal. First, even the best organizers or most trendy organization ideas will fall short if they don’t work for you. When you’re still in the planning phase, think about what solutions will best suit you and the people who live with you. Which systems will work best for your lifestyle in the long haul? Don’t force something that isn’t working—you can always switch it up if you’re not seeing the organizational results you’re seeking.

Second, a little extra pizzazz never hurt anyone. Slap some fun stickers on your organizing solutions, add a coat of paint that matches your color palette, or use fabric accents that match your furniture. You’re more likely to use something, even cheap organizing solutions, if you make it something you’re proud to have in your home.

Give the Rest of Your Home a Refresh

Now that you’re a master of home organization, what other spaces need a refresh? Minnesota Home Interiors can revamp your home’s furniture, lighting, and accessories. With our home styling services, you’ll see your space in a new way. Get started by contacting us.