Gallery walls have been a hot interior design trend over the last few years. While some might say that the trend is beginning to fade, a gallery wall is a unique feature that you can tailor to your design preferences and personal style.

It can be a bit intimidating to start a gallery wall. Sure, examples might look good on your Pinterest board, but they are often not as easy to execute as they look. Follow these tips to create a beautiful gallery wall in your home.

Plan Ahead

Some homeowners are turned off by gallery walls. The permanence of the setup or excess nail holes doesn’t seem like good investments in their home’s interior design. It is important to plan your gallery wall ahead of time. 

Start with the largest piece of art and work around it, balancing each side to prevent a lopsided feeling. Measure and tape off spaces before hanging to get a feel for the final look. Keep in mind that symmetry is not always necessary, but balance is.

If you don’t love the idea of hanging permanent pictures on your wall, install picture ledges instead. These allow you to change up your décor without poking more holes in your drywall. Picture ledges also give more flexibility if you are still gathering pieces to complete your gallery.

Complement Without Matching

The pieces you choose for your gallery wall do not need to perfectly match. There are better ways of creating a cohesive look without using identical images. Some walls are successful with matching frames, but this isn’t always necessary. Similar color schemes work just as well.

Remember that gallery walls can be made up of more than just pictures. Include works of art, sculptures, shelving, etc. To make a more dynamic visual, keep a common theme with many of the pieces. This might be subject matter, such as faces, animals, plants, etc., or a color theme. Tidbits of cohesion create a unified feeling without seeming overly “matchy”.

Mind the Gap

When creating a gallery wall, spacing is a key factor. Each piece should be spaced evenly. Allow at least two or three inches between frames. When adding a gallery wall to a space with furniture or appliances, give plenty of room for your pieces to breathe. For example, leave five to eight inches above a sofa, television, or headboard.

Interior design trends come and go. A Gallery wall is one trend that has been around for much longer than some may realize, and it is a great way to display art, family photos, or design elements in your unique style. From a classic, symmetrical grid to a bohemian, eclectic style, there are many ways you can execute a gallery wall in your home.

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