Selling and staging a home in the fall is, in many ways, very different from any other time of the year. While winter sales might want to emphasize space, and warmer seasons might pull focus on indoor/outdoor amenities, fall is the season to make people feel cozy and comfortable in the home.

The current housing market makes home staging and curb appeal very important, as homes are in high demand. Getting the best price for your house involves making it look its best and fitting in with the changing seasons. Find some Minnesota fall home staging tips below:

Update Your Curb Appeal

As spring and summer plants have finished blooming, cut back perennials, trim trees and shrubs, and watch for falling leaves. Inspect any hardscaping elements for damage or upgrades before the real cold weather hits. This year, it’s especially important to inspect your lawn for brown spots or bare patches that did not rebound after this summer’s drought. Fall is also a good time to make any last-minute landscaping additions, as plants still have plenty of time to take root before going dormant in the winter.

Go Easy on the Fall Décor

Subtle accents of fall leaves and bowls of seasonal fruit can make a home feel inviting. Don’t overdo it with too much fall décor, which can take the focus off the natural beauty of your home.

Give Your Home Plenty of Light

As the days get shorter, you’ll want to take advantage of natural light as much as possible. Open up blinds and utilize light curtains in place of heavy, dark-colored drapery. You should also be mindful of lamps and lighting sources throughout your home, which can supplement darker evenings and rooms with fewer windows.

Build a Seasonal Ambiance

Fall is filled with unique scents, textures, and colors that make it one of the most beloved seasons. Add textured pillows, super-soft throws, and seasonal scents to set the right mood. Be sure to ramp up these scents when hosting a showing or open house.

The housing market is very competitive right now, and sellers are expecting (and in many cases getting) top-dollar for their homes. To get the best value for your home, it’s important to offer potential buyers an environment that they can picture themselves living in and feel comfortable visiting. At Minnesota Home Interiors, we work with homeowners, real estate agents, builders, and even investors to create the optimal conditions for selling a home. If your home needs a professional staging touch, contact us today!